Open Referral Heroku

This is a project for developing Human Services Data Specification (HSDS) implementations that run on the Amazon Web Services platform--this project is entirely managed via its Github repository. This is designed to be a team effort, so if you see a project you'd like to know more about, and maybe one you'd like to tackle, submit an issue!

Heroku Services

These are the Heroku solutions that are currently being used or considered as part of delivering projects:

  • Heroku - Leverage Heroku as the data, API< and web layer for any API, or supporting application develop on top of it.


These are tools that are used as across any of the sub-projects included in this project.:

  • OpenAPI Specification - An API specification format used to define the request and response model for the API.
  • JSON Schema - A vocabulary that allows you to annotate and validate JSON documents.
  • HSDS OpenAPI - The OpenAPI definition for the HSDS API, providing a blueprint for the request and response structure.
  • HSDS Schema - The schema documentation for HSDS, providing the details of the storage and transmission of data.


These are the individual projects that are being built, or considered being built on Heroku:

  • HSDS Oahana API (Ruby) (Github) - This is the Ohana implementation of the Open Referral HSDS API in Ruby--all the moving parts for the project.
  • Web Search (Ruby) (Github) - A mobile-friendly website for finding human and social services in your community.
  • HSDS PHP API Prototype - It would be nice to have a server side implementation of the HSDS API in PHP, that would run on Heroku.
  • Developer Portal - A generic portal that can be stood up in front of any API deployed on the Heroku platfrom.
  • HSDS Node.js API Prototype - It would be nice to have a server side implementation of the HSDS API in Node.js, that would run on Heroku.
  • HSDS Python API Prototype - It would be nice to have a server side implementation of the HSDS API in Python, that would run on Heroku.


These are the communication channels used as part of this project:

  • Github Issues - This is the Github issues for this repository, which is used as issue and discussion management for any HSDS Heroku project -- each project will have it's own issues, but this is meant to be the discussion at the top level.
  • Open Referral Slack - The Slack Channel for the Open Referral organization.

The goal of this project is to develop code and stories around using HSDS on the Heroku platform. Right now we are focusing on a simple server-side API implementation, but will be looking to develop other application that run on Github, as well as deploying as a plugin.

If you have a suggestion for a project, or want to get involved with any of the existing projects, just ping us on one of the channels above, and we'll see about getting you plugged in.